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About us

VIATOR d.o.o. is company with headquarters in Split an it is exclusive owner of LAST MINUTE Rent a car license for Republic of Croatia.

Over the past several years the company managed to establish successful cooperation with many travel agencies, hotels and numerous different profiled partners in Croatia and abroad.


LAST MINUTE Rent a car offers following services to our clients.

Rent a car

Our basic activity is car rental business which offers new car models (average 6 months old); from small city cars, compact sized, coupes, convertible and family vehicles to MPV cars, minivans and luxury vehicles. From our fleet clients have the opportunity to choose almost every car category, wheather they prefer manual or automatic transmission.
Rent a car vehicle reservations in Croatia

Longterm rentals for companies ( Business Car Lease )

Business Car Lease service is some kind of flexible leasing service - longterm rental targeted toward companies with duration from one month up to several years solutions. This service saves money and time to the company. It allows complete liberty of car usage. Insurance, maintainace, damages, car replacements... are all under our obligation, while the company's only obligation is to pay one monthly invoice. Choose a vehicle and enjoy your drive...
Business Car Lease in Croatia