Win a 100% refund of your rental

Win a 100% refund of your rental

Win a 100% refund of your rental

In order to provide you with an even more epic car rental experience, we are giving you the chance to turn your memories with 4-wheeled travel buddy into an opportunity to refund your rental by sharing your favourite photos or videos from your journey with Last Minute.

How to participate?

1. Head to your Facebook or Instagram account

2. Follow Last Minute rent a car on social media (Instagram username: lastminute_rentacar)

3. Upload your video or photo/s

4. Tag @lastminute_rentacar in the post and use our hashtag in the caption - #MomentsWithLastMinute

How to win?

Simply enjoy your adventure with Last Minute 4-wheeled travel buddy, use your creative videography and photography skills to capture your favourite moments during a roadtrip and share them with us on your social media following the instructions above.

By participating in this prize competition game, you have the chance to win a 100% refund of the amount paid for the rental.The prize competition game lasts from July 1 to August 31, and one winner will be selected on a monthly basis. Our team will choose the most creative video or photo/s on monthly basis and announce the winner via our social media. The winner will be also contacted directly.

Find the rules of the prize competition at the link